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Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids Are Flipping for Flipgrid

So I tested out my question in flipgrid with some of the students who came through the Media Center on Friday and they really enjoyed it.

Here is a link to our updated flipgrid.  You might notice that the background colors have changed.  I found out that you can customize the grids that way. Pretty neat!  You can read more about this app on my "Appy New Year" post.

Have you tried out the other cool app, Animoby, I blogged about in my "Appy New Year" post?  You can read all about it here.

And don't forget, you have a chance to win a free download of the AniMoby app (a $7.99 value) by commenting on the "Appy New Year" post by tomorrow, January 14.  You can get to that post by clicking here.   The winner(s) will be announced on January 15.

What other cool apps are you wild about in your Media Center or Library?


  1. Hi! I looked into flip grid. Is it something you are paying for or are you just trying it out? I can see where I can use it, but not sure if I can get it approved.

    1. I just tried it out for free to see if I would like it, but it seems like it would be worth the investment. It is $65/year and I can use Book Fair money to purchase it. I thought about seeing if other grade levels might be interested since there are 10 grids and we could split the cost. I showed it to my principal and a few teachers. They all loved it.

  2. Hi, I'm sharing Flipgrid at the Digital Librarian's Playground at ISTE & wondered if I could include a link to this page? I'd like to include it as an example of how librarians can use Flipgrid to check for understanding & how student responses can be a 24/7 teaching tool for other students.
    Thanks for your consideration!

    1. So, I know ISTE is over now and I am way late in replying to your comment, but if you'd like to use this post in the future, you are certainly welcome. Thanks for reading! =)