Monday, August 13, 2012

Connecting With Other SLMS

So I know some of my librarian and media specialist readers out there have some great ideas they are implementing in their libraries and media centers that they'd looooove to share with others.  I have the perfect place for you to do that.  It's a blog called Sharing the Shelves.  Ever heard of it?

I created this blog several months ago as a place for public and school librarians and media specialists to share all the great things going on in their libraries and media centers as well as a place to connect with other librarians and media specialists.  There are links to media lessons, freebies, Pinterest boards of other librarians and media specialists, TpT stores of librarians and media specialists, and TN stores of librarians and media specialists.  You can even add your own links to these items.

Right now, I am looking for more contributors on this collaborative blog.  There is not a required number of posts; just share what you think others would find helpful when you get the urge to.  If this sounds interesting to you, just shoot me an email ( and I will add you as a contributor.  And thanks for sharing the shelves!

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