Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Summer Projects

Can't believe the summer is half over!  Oh my, have I still got a lot to accomplish, but I have crossed a few things off my to do list, one of them being to create and upload more files to Teachers Pay Teachers.

After receiving a few request via email, here's what's I came up with:

I made "Rock Star" passes for classrooms. They include
Boys' Bathroom Pass
Girls Bathroom Pass
2 Hall Passes
2 Office Passes
Nurse Pass
Library Pass
You can get them here on TpT for $1.00.

Also available with a "zebra print" border.  Get those here for $1.00 on TpT.

I also made the "Read Like a Rock Star" bunting available for purchase by itself.  It comes in both an orange and white version.

It's $2.00 on TpT.  You can get it here.

I've also updated my Genre bookmarks pack:

This pack now includes 28 genres (previously 19).
If you purchased this pack before, you can redownload it at no charge on TpT.
This Genre Bookmark pack is $4.50 on TpT and you can find it here.

I have also created a set of 28 Genre Posters. Here is are a few examples:

And here are a few other examples:

You can get the entire pack of 28 genres, here on TpT for $5.00.

And finally, I put all the genre goodies together in one big Genre Mega Pack:

This pack includes posters, secret symbols and bookmarks for 28 genres.  The pack is $8.00 on TpT and you can get it here.

Use the posters and bookmarks in this pack for a Genre of the Month program.  (You can read about my Genre of the Month program on this post.)  Hide the secret symbols in books for the genre you are highlighting to encourage students to check out and read those types of books and they can earn a prize.  The genres included in the pack are 

Animal Fiction
Fairy Tales
Folk Tale
Tall Tales
Graphic Novels
Historical Fiction
Informational Text
Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction
Traditional Literature
I've also made some new shelf markers to go with the "Rock Star" theme of the Media Center.

I used some free paint sticks from Wal-Mart, silver spray paint, some glitter paint, sealer and some glitter stars to create these babies.  Love how they turned out.

Then I broke out my embroidery machine and made a few improvements on some simple t-shirts so that I would have more school spirit shirts to wear.

Our mascot is a Wildcat so I made a paw print applique and added MES for Moreland Elementary School. Kinda cute.

I also made a shirt for my nine year old son who has been bugging me to make him one, complete with his name.

He wants to create an "arcade" in our garage and this would be his "work" shirt.  LOL

He came up with the name on his own and we designed the logo together. It was a nice mother/son project.

Now I just have to start cleaning and organizing again.  My house is in desperate need of cleaning and organizing, too.  Maybe I will get it all done before the summer is over.  I can hope, right?