Saturday, March 17, 2012

Strange Things Are Afoot in the Media Center

Maybe it was the full moon this week or the whole Daylight Saving thing, but this week was totally weird. The kids were wild as could be, as was the weather.  Not that I don't enjoy warm weather, but it went from like 40 degrees to 86 degrees in a matter of days.  No wonder we're all sick.

Midway through the week, a DEMCO, Library Video Company, and Bound to Stay Bound order came in, but not everything was there. Only half the Bound to Stay Bound order arrived and 2 books out of that order were on back order...the first two books of the Hunger Games triology.  Of course the third book came in, but I really don't want to put it out yet.  Reading the third book first will ruin it for anyone who hasn't read the first two books.  *sigh*  Hopefully they will come in soon.  In the meantime, I am still waiting for my Permabound order to even process.  It was sent in on the same day as the DEMCO and btsb order, but it is much further behind in the process, I guess.  That's what I get for trying to order for the lowest price.

Then the strangest thing of all happened.  Random socks kept popping up around the Media Center several times this week.  No kidding...SOCKS!  Luckily I always have my camera with me so I was able to snap a picture of these strange happenings, cause otherwise, who'd believe me, right?

I found a pair of socks under a chair.

And I found a very dirty, smelly sock laying on the story time rug.

Still don't know who left them there or why.

Like I said, strange happenings in the Media Center.  But I tried to keep my sanity as best I could with an unusually full week of classes scheduled for Media lessons.  Don't get me wrong.  I was tickled pink that so many teachers signed up for a lesson this week and now I have taught all 2nd-5th grade classes about the Genre of the Month for this month...Biographies/Autobiographies.  I made a PowerPoint to cover the basics and had an activity to check for understanding at the end.  I even made bookmarks for the kids, cause you know they love their bookmarks.  =)

You can snag your copy of these bookmarks here or click on the picture above.

All in all, it was a good week.  I definitely felt like I earned my paycheck.  And I get to do it all again next week. Thank goodness Friday was a furlough day holiday, in my county.  I needed the day to recoup.  I also rewarded myself with a bag of some plain ol' fashioned deliciousness.

Yummo!  I didn't even check the nutritional facts so that I could thoroughly enjoy every chip.  =)

Next week it's all about research for third and fourth graders and I will be reviewing with second graders how to use Destiny to search for books in the Media Center.  I have found that many of them need a refresher course.  Tuesday I go to our system's Media Consortium to meet with other Media Specialists across the area. Super excited about this.  Lots of great stuff on the agenda.  Thursday I meet with my Media Committee to talk about Media plans for the rest of the year and I will wrap up the week with an AR party for the 3rd nine weeks.  I have a "Bug Carnival" planned to go with my "Catch the Reading Bug" theme for the Media Center this year.  I have only managed to get 2 parent volunteers to help me out, so I hope it goes smoothly.  I'll have to post pictures afterward, if I am able to get any. Chances are I will be busy running 2 or 3 carnival games at the same time if I can't round up a few more helpers.  Here's hoping.

In case your week is as busy as mine and you need a little pick me up, here are a couple of fun websites I came across this weekend:

Wimp Yourself is a fun game that allows you to customize a "wimpy" character to wimp yourself.  Cute!  This would be fun for the kids to do as a promo for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  There isn't a way to print out the characters, though.  Bummer.

Wimp Yourself

Here's me all wimped out.

Draw a Stickman is a website I came across a while back.  It was a fun site that allows you to draw pictures to go in the story, but the storyline didn't change so after using the site a few times, it got old.  Well, now there is a second episode!  Hopefuly that means there will be more episodes to come.  Check it out for yourself.

Draw a Stickman

Hope your week is a fun one!


  1. That sock thing is halarious! Maybe they take them off at recess and stuff them in their pockets and then they fall out.

    1. Ahh! Maybe you're right, at least about the stinky sock. The rolled up pair appeared first thing in the morning. Really strange to happen in the same week, but at least it keeps life interesting. LOL

  2. It must be spring. Last week I found FORKS all over the library. Obviously from the cafeteria next door, but they were in the stacks, on the computers, everywhere. Makes one wonder, doesn't it? I'm just glad it wasn't socks!

    1. Wow! That is strange! What goes through some kiddos' heads is beyond me.

  3. I'm curious about the genre of the month powerpoint and checkup at the end. I would like to see what those look like.:) Thanks for sharing! I'm a first year librarian and love the ideas!

    1. Here's a Google Doc link to the Auto/Biography PowerPoint I use and s link to the worksheet I use. Hope it's helpful. (worksheet)