Thursday, August 15, 2019

Safe Viewing Options

If you've ever shown a YouTube video in your library, chances are you've had an experience or two with advertisements or "up next" videos that might not be appropriate for your viewing audience. To prevent that from occurring, you can use a website that takes out advertisements and other extras from YouTube.

Here are some of my favorite safe viewing website options.

ViewPure is free to use.  You can sign up for an account, but it is not necessary to use the site.

SafeShare allows you to create 20 safeshare links to YouTube videos.  You can get unlimited SafeShare links with a subscription.  For more info, click HERE.

SafeYouTube is completely free, but does have some limitations.  For more information, click HERE.

All three of these options allow you to copy the original YouTube link and paste it into the safe viewing website, which will then give you a safe viewing link that takes out all the unwanted stuff like ads and "up next" videos.

What are some of your favorite safe viewing video options?

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