Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winter Centers

The clipart I used to make these cute winter signs is so much fun that I decided to make some winter center signs to match.

I used many of the same centers I have had in the past, but traded some of the materials out for more wintery items.  For example, I found some inexpensive wintery puzzles for the puzzle center.

I found some other inexpensive games, too, like this Frozen pop up game.

I also found this Guess Who game at five below and changed out the pictures to make them book characters.

Of course, I have some of my old standby centers and just added some new signage.

I think the kids are really going to like them.  You can download the new signs I made to go with these centers HERE for free.  The centers I made signs for include
  • Winter Puzzles
  • Create a Bookmark
  • Pop Up Game (from Big Lots)
  • Winter Words (includes recording sheet)
  • 4 in a Row 
  • I Spy (includes recording sheet)
  • Guess Who (includes new book character pieces)

It is a Google doc so you will have to press the download button once you click on the link.

Hope you enjoy!

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