Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Last week a teacher asked to reserve a few time slots in the Media Center this week to send in small groups of students to research for a Science project.   I immediately responded with a "YES!" because I am always encouraging teachers to collaborate with me on what they are doing in class.  Looking back now, I realize I should have asked a few questions like what types of things will they be looking for?  Will they need access to Reference materials?  Will they know what they should write down about the books they are using?  Knowing these things would have helped me to better help those students.  I could even have had a few books pulled out and ready to be searched through.  Hindsight.  Even though this is my fourteenth year of teaching, this is my first year as a Media Specialist and sometimes I feel like such a newbie.   *sigh*  Now that one group of students has been in, I realize that most of them were completely unaware of what they needed to be doing in order to conduct their research (future lesson idea stored away), so I made up a quick sheet to help guide them through the process as well as have one place to write down all of the information they found.  Feel free to download it and use it yourself if you think it might be helpful. Just click on the picture below.   =)

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