Monday, March 31, 2014

Reference Sources Review

This week in the Media Center, we are reviewing reference books to help us get prepared for our state testing in a few weeks.

This year I have covered several different types of reference sources during our media lessons: atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary and glossary with first, second and third graders, almanac, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus with fourth and fifth grades.  After talking about these sources, students practiced finding different information in these books.  You can find the dictionary lesson here.  You can find the thesaurus lesson here.  I am still working on a post about our atlas and almanac lessons, but you can read about my previous years' reference lessons here.

During these week's lessons, I will be reviewing each reference source and when to use them.  I will be using my Reference Sources PowerPoint to review.  You can get a copy of the first grade Reference Sources PowerPoint here.  You can get a copy of the 2nd-3rd grade Reference Sources PowerPoint here.  You can get a copy of the 4th-5th grade Reference Sources PowerPoint here.

I created two different Reference Sources activities for students to complete as a review.  The 2nd-3rd grade version covers the atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary and glossary.  The 4th-6th grade version covers the almanac, atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus.


Each activity includes a Reference Books definition sheet, 12 Reference Source question cards, a  Reference Source poster, and an answer sheet.  You can get the 2nd-3rd grade version here on my TpT store for $3.00 or the 4th-6th grade version here for $3.00.

Hopefully this little review will jog their memory and keep this info fresh in their minds for testing, but also for times when they need to use these resources in real life...which is really the point of this lesson, right?

Do you have any fun ideas for teaching reference sources?


  1. We are doing the same! I use google forms to create an online scavenger hunt for the kids to do while using the different reference books.

    1. That sounds like a fun review! I wish I had access to more technology so that I could have whole classes work on something like that. 5 ipads and 5 sometimes working desktop computers spread around the media center just aren't enough. *sigh*