Monday, September 9, 2013

Media Center Orienations

My, oh my, oh my!  I feel like I've been away from bloggyland for so long.  It's time to get disciplined and get back to regularlly posting. But first, I need to catch up on posts I've had in the works for weeks.  So here goes...

Even though you have probably already done all of your orientations, I thought I'd share what I did, in case you'd like ideas for next year. I am always looking for different ideas for orientations.  So, here you go...

I was able to share the following books with PreK, K and 1

I had hoped to be able to share this book

but we didn't have time. I can always read it later.

We also watched these fun videos:

Sammy the Shelfmarker

The Shelfmarker Song

How to Use a Shelfmarker in the Library

How to Take Care of Library Books

To go along with the book care video above, we colored a book care worksheet.

We went over book care for 2 weeks before Kindergarten and first grade classes began checking out.  The first week they checked out, I let them decorate bookmarks to remind them of good book care.  You can get a copy of those bookmarks here.

With second grade, after orientation, we reviewed parts of a book, finding good fit books, and the fiction sections of the Media Center.  Here is a little bookmark I sent home with second grade to remind them of what a Good Fit Book is.

With third, fourth, and fifth grades, reviewed the rules of the Media Center and also how to look up a book using Destiny.

So that's what what I did for orientations this year. I am so exhausted, but I feel like this year has already started off better than in previous years.  I feel much more organized, except for my blog posts (LOL), and it seems like the students are remembering what I have shared with them in previous years. That's always a plus.

I hope your year has started off well, too. How did your orientations go this year?

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