Monday, March 2, 2015

Read Across America 2015

It's March 2nd, which means it's time for Read Across America.  I guess I must have gotten a lot of rest during our snow rain day on Wednesday, because on Friday I got busy setting up and decorating for the week.

Here's what the Media Center looks like...

First I covered the tables in red bulletin board paper, but that looked too plain.  So I added I couple of stripes of white bulletin board paper. We'll see how well it holds up.  I might not repeat it again next year if it tears easily.

I also decorated the outside doors of the Media Center with cut outs I had made a few years ago.  I added a new poster I made this year to fill in the space at the top.  You can get a copy of that poster HERE.

Here are some close ups of the doors...

And some close ups of the decor above the doors...

I also set up some centers that I had used in previous years...

Here are the centers broken down one by one...

This center is no longer available from where I originally downloaded it, but THIS alternative ABC order game is free from Lil Country Librarian.

I made my own dictionary center for the older kids.  You can get a copy of the activity sheet HERE.

I got this center several years ago, but the one I use is no longer available.  You can find an alternative one HERE on TpT from Siging Elle for $3.00.

I also acquired these word searches several years ago, but you can find some alternatives HERE from Kendall Shubra for free or HERE for $7.99 from Steven's Social Studies Stuff.

New for this year is a center all about Dr. Seuss' life.  I purchased this center HERE from Kathleen Cool of Staying Cool in the Library.  I think it's going to be a great addition.

The puzzle center is always a big hit with the younger grades, so last year I purchased a few Dr. Seuss floor puzzles.  

This antonym center is no longer available from where I got it, but THIS alternative from The Can Do Classroom is available for $1.25.

I also made a thesaurus center to make it a little more challenging for the upper grades.  You can get a copy of the activity sheet HERE.

And I have the Reading Pledge taped to the wall next to the circulation desk so that students can sign it as they are checking out.

You can get a copy of the copyright friendly Reading Pledge HERE.

There are TONS of other great Seussy items available on TpT.  I just did a search for "Seuss" and THIS is what came up.  You could even narrow it down to just the free items and you would get a lot to look through.

I also decorated a couple of shelves and added Dr. Seuss books to it.

And because I was in a Seussy mood this weekend, I made a couple of new centers in a red and white theme.

This is a call number sorting center.  Help your students practice identify the Easy (aka Everybody or Everyone), Fiction, and Nonfiction call numbers using this center.  You can get this center HERE in my TpT store.

This is a shelf order center.  Help your students practice shelf order by having them place these call number cards in order.  Included are cards with different call numbers for the Easy (aka Everybody or Everyone), Fiction, and Nonfiction sections.  You can get this center HERE in my TpT store.

These centers would be perfect for Read Across America, but could also be used for Valentine's Day and even Christmas, but they are generic enough that you could use them all year long, too.

Both of these products will be 50% for all of March 2nd in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.

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Happy Read Across America!


  1. What does your sign say on the Dr. Seuss research center? or can you send it to me?!

    1. This is what is on the Dr. Seuss research center sign:
      1) Read over the information about Dr. Seuss.
      2) Try to answer the question cards.
      Write your answers on answer sheet to turn in. The person who gets the most questions correct will when a prize!
      3) Don’t forget to clean up!

      Hope that helps. =)